Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We are still beer... er, here.

Despite how it seems here, the Club did not fall apart after the Gazette article. I think we've all just been a tad busy.

Me, I'm getting ready to brew my first batch of homebrew tomorrow night, so I've been busy planning, stressing and thinking about good brewery names and logos. You know, the important stuff.

We had a pretty good response to the article and I think things are going to just keep picking up. As the weather warms and winter goes away for a little while, I think we'll have more things planned beyond our meetings.

Speaking of meetings, we've not yet decided on a beer style/theme or meeting place, so if anyone has any ideas, please speak up or drop us a comment.


Nate said...

I think a good place to start is to see how many people want to come to the next meet. If we consider everyone at the last meeting, then add the people that responded, plus a few more interested parties - we may need to meet at a public place rather than a home. Perhaps extend an invite and ask for RSVP by a certain day. Once we know where, we can figure out what we want to do.

We could all go to the Ironwood, get a large table and everyone buys a couple of the same beers as a 'round'. We could pick a theme and I could talk to Tim (Coney) to see what we could arrange. OR, we simply limit our group again to about a dozen people and have it at my house.

Eli said...

Good idea, both takes have merit. We can discuss this more tonight.

Anyone else have any ideas or preference?