Thursday, September 3, 2009

September Meeting

Hope that you are getting back into the swing of a new school year - whether IUP's or the local elementary/high schools. For those who don't have to worry about such things anymore - hope you're enjoying some great early Fall weather and the Indiana Co Fair.

This is a reminder that our Sept club meeting will be Tue Sep 8 at The Coney, starting at 8pm. The topic for this month will be 'evaluating beer'. Many of us really enjoy our homebrew and other beer on a level that others don't quite get. But what does it take to judge a beer? How good are we at picking up subtle notes of ingredients and off flavors? If we smell or taste something - can we describe it accurately? At this meeting, let's talk about the process of evaluating beer - from appearance to aroma to taste. We can also discuss how beer judges score a beer within style guidelines, and perhaps we can think about some of our members submitting some beers to upcoming contests!

As usual, please bring some homebrew to share if you have any.

See you Tuesday. Enjoy the Labor Day weekend.

Update: 9/9/09 Great meeting last night - 16 people showed up, including three new folks. We got to try NINE homebrews and discuss beer evaluation. Hope to see you all next month!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August Homebrew Club Meeting

Join us on Tuesday, August 11 at The Coney, 8pm for our monthly homebrew club meeting. We'll discuss the upcoming Steel City Big Pour festival in Pittsburgh, share some homebrews, and talk about various homebrew-related topics.

UPDATE: Aug 12 - Great meeting last night - four homebrews to try out. We were also informed that Steel City Big Pour is already sold out for both sessions. We'll have to plan earlier next year!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July Meeting

Join us on Tuesday July 14 at The Coney, 8pm for our July homebrewing club meeting. We'll welcome a new member, Mike, who plans to share his first homebrewed beer. The Coney also now has Leffe Brune on tap, which is a nice Belgian dark ale. If you have some beer to share, please bring it.

As for a discussion topic, let's talk about packaging: bottling, kegging, counter pressure bottle fillers, corking, etc.

Hope to see you next Tuesday!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

May Homebrew Club Meeting

Join us on Tuesday, May 12 at 8pm at The Coney for our monthly meeting. This month, Tom Lieb will be our guest and will show us how to build picnic cooler mash/lauter tuns and a hot liquor tank.

We'll also have some extra guests this month from the Brewpub and Brewery Operations class.

As usual, if you've got some homebrew to share, we welcome the chance to try it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

April Homebrew Club Meeting

Join us on Tuesday, April 14 at 8pm at The Coney for our April homebrew club meeting. Our guests this month are three IUP undergraduate chemistry students who will be presenting a research project on water chemistry related to beer brewing. Come find out which beer we should be making based on the Indiana Borough water profile!

As usual, bring some homebrew to share.

Monday, March 9, 2009

March Club Meeting

This month, our topic will be wheat beer - whether American, Belgian, or German. As usual, bring some homebrew along to try (doesn't have to be a wheat beer, of course).

We'll meet as usual at the Coney, on Tue Mar 10 at 8pm.

See you there!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thanks to Jon (and a reminder)

Last week's homebrew club meeting was a success, and we'd like to thank Jon for coming up from Philly and sharing some pics of Earth Bread + Brewery with us, along with two growlers of great beer (the Wee Heavy, Yo and the De Raine Pore).

As a reminder, there is still a space or two available for the van this Saturday for our South Side pub crawl. Tentative spots include East End (not on the South Side, I know), Piper's Pub, Fat Heads, Smokin' Joes, and The Sharp Edge (again, not on the South Side). More details will be forthcoming for those going on the trip, but we're probably going to be leaving on Saturday mid-afternoon from The Coney.

Monday, February 9, 2009

February Meeting

This month's meeting will include a special presentation by club co-founder emeritus, Jon Defibaugh. Jon is coming in all the way from Philadelphia, where he works as assistant brewer extraordinnaire at Earth Bread + Brewery. He'll be showing us some pictures of the operations and sharing some growlers of their wares.

As usual, feel free to bring some homebrew to share!

The meeting starts at 8pm in the Dubliner (side bar) of The Coney.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Meeting

Hey, don't forget we have our January meeting tonight at the Coney at 8pm. Dave J. will be talking about extreme beers. Bring some homebrew to share or grab a pint of Marzoni's Avalanche, Penn St. Nikolaus Bock - or there is still some Anchor Xmas ale left over.

See you there!