Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting Back to Basics for 2011

We'll be starting up our regular meetings again in a few weeks; the second Tuesday of each month, as usual.

The past several months have seen our meetings turn into more social gatherings with lots of homebrew tastings. They've been a lot of fun, for sure, but we've sort of devolved. Many members have suggested getting back to the original format of our meetings where we started each meeting with a topical discussion before we got to tasting.

Well, starting in 2011, we're going to do just that (thought let's not call it a resolution). Others have suggested also trying to enter more club members' beers into sanctioned competition, which we hope to do, too.

So if you've not been to a meeting for a while, or you'd like to join us for the first time, we'll see you on Tuesday January 11 at 8pm at the Coney.

Happy New Year!