Thursday, February 1, 2007

Good or Bad?

Today for the first time, a Sheetz in Altoona (the big one on 17th St.) will be allowed to sell beer to the public. The article can be found here. Will this be a good thing for promoting craft beer or not?

I guess it depends on their selection, first of all, then there's going to be the media attention (good/bad), and of course, the outraged handful of citizens in the minority whose 'rights' always seem to supercede the will of the majority. For example, these guys.


Eli said...

Is this the Sheetz right up 220 from Marzoni's?

Nate said...

I think it's the one they built new on 17th Street, right down the road from the Lowes. I may be incorrect, but the one up from Marzoni's (near the Meadows) was a refurbished one.

I remember the press surrounding the new 17th St. Sheetz because they built that one in mind for selling beer.

CV said...

Does anyone know if you need a liquor liscense to open a "brew your own beer," brewery?

Places like this invite people to come in and use their brewing equipment. There are two places that I know of in MA (where I am from). The one place in Natick, MA has a deal if you bring 12 people they have a brew party when they are done and the owner lets everyone drink his brewed beer.

Anyway, a town like Indiana seems like a place like this would do well. If no liquor liscense was required a few local beer lovers could start one easily.

Nate said...

CV - I'm not sure I've heard of any of those in PA. My cousin has used one in Akron, OH. Knowing PA, I'm sure there's some weird law about it :)

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