Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Meeting tonight!

The 2nd meeting of the Indiana Beer Club will be held tonight, at Jon's house.

We decided to have this meeting be an invite-only sort of thing, to sustain growth rather than explode, but more so because no one really knows about the club other than the people we have talked to ourselves. I think we're looking at around 10 or so folks.

The original theme for tonight was going to be Belgian Pale(ish) Ales, of any form, sort of steering clear of getting into quads. However I'm bringing a French style beer (Ok, its fairly close in relation...) on request, Nate's bringing an IPA-Tripel fusion, and based on what we have in town for other folks to pick up (I'm just assuming most folks didn't go out of their way to get beers) its going to be a tad more diverse. I did a quick survey yesterday at Ironwood, options include:

Winter White

Grand Cru

Dogfish Head
Pangaea - Belgian golden - 750ml
Raison d'Etere - Belgian Strong Dark - 6pk


Merry Monks - Triple - 6pk


Golden Monkey - Triple - 6pk and 750ml

Uncle Sudsy's has pretty much same beers, with the notable addition of Bell's Hell Hath No Fury, available by the 6pk.

A range of pretty decent to excellent offerings all, so I'm not too worried. It will be a good time, for certain.

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