Saturday, January 27, 2007

Up And Running

The Indiana Beer Club now has a blog!

If you found this site, it was probably because one of us told you about it.

Started by a few beer geeks in Indiana, PA, the club is a select, hand-picked group of men and women who enjoy craft beer. We get together once a month to share and taste beer from around the block and from around the world. Our ultimate goal is world, er, town domination over all things beer! We hope to have publicans coming to us for suggestions about their tap lists. We hope to have the distributors and bottle shops ask us to run tastings and spread our vast wealth of knowledge about and passion for beer.

We seek not to eradicate the pale fizzy American lager from our local college hangouts, but rather stick them in a small dark corner where they belong - in the shadow of real beers with character. We are malty educators and hops evangelists. We rue the shelf space taken up by 40's of malt liquor and seek to replace them with bombers of impy stouts and magnums of saison. We look forward to the day we can walk into our own brewpub downtown.

So - welcome to our blog. Please join us in the wonderful world of malt and hops, yeasts and spices. Spread the word.

Drink quality, not quantity.


Eli said...

Here, here!

santoslhalper said...

Well put Nate. You just forgot one major component of the club.... THE SIMPSONS!