Sunday, January 28, 2007

Homebrewing Article in the Gazette

Keep your eyes open! Sometime soon (more details as they become available), the Indiana Gazette is having a Sunday Leisure section article on homebrewers and home winemakers in Indiana Co. We hope this will attract more people to the hobby in our area and raise awareness about good beer and wine.

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CV said...

Does anyone know if you need a liquor liscense to open a "brew your own beer," brewery?

Places like this invite people to come in and use their brewing equipment. There are two places that I know of in MA (where I am from). The one place in Natick, MA has a deal if you bring 12 people they have a brew party when they are done and the owner lets everyone drink his brewed beer.

Anyway, a town like Indiana seems like a place like this would do well.