Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May's Meeting: In a Word ... Tasty!

Well, if you could not make the May Homebrewers club meeting last night, you missed out on some delicious offerings! We gathered in the Dubliner starting at 7pm, and many of us grabbed some dinner and a pint while waiting for the crowd to grow.

In all, we had 17 people last night including spouses. In no particular order: Bill D., Jon S., Jon D. & Autumn, Dave J. and Brandy, Justin & Jess, Dave F. and Laura, Pat, Jim R., Nate, Eli, Tom W., Tom van D., and Craig. And of course, our extremely efficient and friendly bartender, Caroline. A big thanks to her for the assist last night, and for the artwork and possible new logo for the club.

We started tasting at 7:45 and were finished up by 9:30 or so. Here is the list from last night:
  • Bill D.: all-grain Hefeweizen
  • Jim R.: all-grain amber lager
  • Jon S.: extract pumpkin ale
  • Muckney Brewing: extract ginger-sesame ale
  • Tom W.: extract pale ale
  • Craig: extract amber lager
  • Dave F.: partial mash porter
  • Jon D.: extract coffee stout
  • Nate: all-grain Belgian quadrupel
  • Eli: extract American strong ale
  • Pat: all-grain IPA
  • Erick (absent): extract IPA

In all, a very successful evening! Some of us are gathering at 2:30 this Saturday at the Coney to go to the Pints for Pets brewfest in Altoona. Tickets and places on the van are still available! Contact us if interested.

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