Sunday, March 2, 2008

Beer/Wine Tasting - Jeannette

Here's an email sent to the Homebrew Club about a local (sort of) event that some of us may be interested in attending ...
Hello, I read your article in the Gazette, and am planning on coming to the next meeting. In the mean time, I wanted to let your members know about an informal beer/wine tasting at a local homebrew shop. The location is Duncan True Value in Jeanette, which is a hardware/homebrew store. People bring their own creations and share them, with rather informal popular voting. They usually get around 100 people. The owner has been giving out door prizes and prizes to the highest vote getters. In recent years, the number of brewers has been falling
off in favor of vintners. I'd like to see that turn around.

The date is 8-Mar, starting at 6:30.

Hope to see some of you there.

-Tony Matous