Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2008!

Hopefully, your holiday season was enjoyable, relaxing, and safe. And hopefully, you've all made a Brew Beers Resolution for 2008! That's right - a Brew Beers Resolution; to brew more beer and to drink better (not more) beer in 2008. We all want to watch those waistlines and get healthier, but a nice homebrew now and again is part of a balanced and joyous lifestyle :)

We'll be sending out an email shortly about next week's meeting: Tuesday, Jan. 8 (the Second Tuesday) at The Coney.

I just got the new place mat today from New Century Impressions, and below is a picture of our club ad. It was printed on 20,000 place mats that you'll see in some of Indiana's fine establishments - including, of course, The Coney.

Look for it the next time you're out!

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Eli said...

Looks good Nate, thanks for you efforts.