Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First Meeting Goes Great!

What a response!

I think I speak for the four organizers when I say we were very pleased with turnout. Last count had more than twenty people in attendance, all very enthusiastic about brewing. It was a great start, for sure.

Next meeting is November 13th, mark your calenders.


Adam said...

Eli! Dood I thought you were lost ;-)

Happy to hear things went well at your first meeting. You know someday I'm gonna have to meet you guys.


Luke said...

The first meeting was exciting. Really got me thinking about 1. what I'm going to brew next and 2. the potential for cool things to happen with so many motivated brewers putting their foamy heads together. See younz on the 13th, I've got a couple more folks I'm going to tell about it.

Luke McKelvy