Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Move Toward A Homebrewing Club

The summer has been difficult in terms of all getting together for an organized tasting, and as many may have noticed - we really haven't been sticking to the first Tuesday of each month.

The focus for the past several months has been on homebrewing, and we've brought a few more people into the fold. Jason & crew brewed their first batch (with supervision from Nate) of beer, a Franziskaner clone. Eli brewed his first batch in early Spring and is getting ready for another one. Jon finally did a batch last month (looking forward to tasting!). Nate is on his 5th of the year. And the latest member, Dave, is going hog wild with extract brewing. Since April, he has brewed at least 6 or 7 batches, and has gotten a couple more people interested.

That said, it may be time to think about organizing an actual homebrew club, one that is officially recognized. Of course, the rub is that I don't think any of us has actually been in an official homebrew club. We're putting some feelers out to see what's involved, pros and cons, etc. As we grow, we'll most likely need to get a lot more organized than we have been, but I know a certain local publican that would probably enjoy having us meet at his establishment :)

That said, keep in touch. We'll most likely keep the blog site running, even if we change the name of the 'club'.

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Adam said...

Keep us posted. I haven't belonged to one either. Not sure there is anything official you have to do.

Oh wait...here's something from the AHA...